What Is A Personalised Star Map?

One of our favourite products we have been making for the past year, are our Personalised Maps of The Star prints, however we are frequently asked about what exactly they are, and how they work. So, rather than just throwing this question up in a FAQ section on the website, we thought we could go into a little bit more detail and give everyone a proper description on what a Personalised Map of The Stars.

Navy Personalised Star Map Gift in white frame

We all know that the print is a map of the stars, but what makes it personalised? To make the prints unique, the stars on each one are actually representations of what the night sky looked like from any given location and time, which is chosen by you. We use Planetarium software to render the exact position of the stars to create your Personalised Map of the Stars print, and you can choose any time, date and location in the world, both past and future.

So who and what would you buy a Personalised Map of The Stars for? Well, anyone really! The great thing about these prints is that you can use them for any event or occasion, even ones that haven’t happened yet. To give you an idea of the possible occasions you could get one for as a gift, take a look at our suggestions below on when and where you can give a Star Map as a gift:


  • Newborn baby gift: The time and date they were born, as well as the hospital they were born in.
  • Christening gift: The time and location of the Christening.
  • Housewarming gift: The location of the house and the day the recipient moved in.
  • Birthday gift: The recipients birthday, as well as their place of birth.
  • Wedding gift: The time of the wedding as well as where the couple got married (can also be for a wedding that hasn’t happened yet).
  • Anniversary gift: The date and location that you and your partner were married.


These are just some ideas of big occasions that you could get one as a gift, but Star Maps are pretty versatile prints, and could be used for anything really! After choosing your time, date and location, you also have the option of putting in the recipients name (or a couples name),  along with a personalised message from yourself. Some really cool messages that we have seen people use in the past have been star related quotes, and even an excerpt from David Bowie’s song “Starman”.

Personalised 21st Birthday Star Map Gift

And of course, there is a range of different styles to choose from, in either A3 or A2 size. The colour range consists of blue, pink, black, navy and so on, and there is even a children’s style Personalised Star Map with cloud illustrations and a unique font to make it a more playful style of print. Finally, you can decide whether you want to have the print framed by us or you can order the print by itself and frame it yourself. We have black and white frames for both A3 and A2 sizes, and all Star Maps come gift wrapped and finished with a gold silk ribbon.

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