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The Perfect Guide to Personalised Wooden Gifts Ireland

How To Make It Personal

There are a number of different ways you can add a sentimental touch to a wooden gift, and they all have their pros and cons. Carving by hand, using a router, or even etching are common methods, but the best method of personalisation, which is how we create our wooden gifts, has to be laser engraving. We use a Trotec laser engraving machine which allows us to create a wide range of personalised wooden products, from cherry wood engraved coasters to personalised walnut chopping boards.

What We Use

Although we can personalise pretty much any type of wooden gift, we like to stick to a handful of woods when we choose how to create our products. Our customised designs just look better on certain types woods, and we also try to source the highest quality sustainable materials for all of our products. You’ll find for many of our products such as our engraved wooden coasters and luggage tags, we use cherry wood, while for many of our personalised chopping boards, we use walnut.

What We Make

We make a wide range of customised wooden gifts, from luggage tags and engraved coasters, to personalised chopping boards and wooden keepsake boxes for many occasions. All products can be personalised to your own taste, and we even do completely custom orders if you had something original that you would like us to create for you, but to give you some inspiration, take a look at some our favourite laser engraved wooden gifts below!

1. Head Chef Personalised Cutting board

The Head Chef Personalised Cutting board is the first on our list of favourites. Handrafted from sustainably sourced walnut wood, this beautiful board is the perfect gift idea for head chef in your home! Our medium walnut board is shown in the picture above. Check out this engraved wooden cutting board here!

Price: €35.00

2. Airmail Luggage Tag Set

Next up on our list we have our Airmail Luggage Tag Set. This gorgeous set of engraved wooden coasters, made from cherry wood, are designed in the style of an airmail letter, with the recipients name on the front, and contact information on the back. Check out these engraved wooden coasters here!

Price: €29.95

3. Monogram Coaster Set

Personalised wooden coasters are a staple within the wooden gifts category, and the Monogram Coaster Set as shown above is one of our favourites! This unique gift can be personalised in a variety of ways, with the addition of the recipients initial in the middle as well as a custom message around the rim. Check out this personalised coaster set here!

Price: €29.95

4. Personalised Christmas Eve Wreath Box

Although Christmas is still a little while away, we had to include this Personalised Christmas Eve Wreath Box, because it is such a special gift. A personalised keepsake box that is dedicated for use on Christmas Eve, with the idea being that the box is filled with pajamas, fluffy socks and many other treats to get you ready for Santa! Check out this personalised Christmas Eve box here!

Price: €35

5. Personalised The Family Kitchen Chopping Board

Back to boards, another one of our favourites is the Personalised ‘The Family Kitchen’ Chopping Board. The board shown above is our large round walnut board, and this particular design is by far one of the most popular from our entire range of engraved wooden cutting boards. Check out this engraved wooden chopping board here!

Price: €45

6. Mr and Mrs Bon Voyage Luggage Tag Set

Personalised coasters are another beautiful gift option within the category of laser cut wood gifts. All of our coasters are made from sustainably sourced cherry wood, and come presented in a gift box as shown. This particular option is the ideal gift for a newly wed couple about to embark on their honeymoon! Check out this customised luggage tag set here!

Price: €29.95

7. Granny or Grandad Coaster

The next personalised wooden gift is our Granny or Grandad Coaster. Let’s face it, buying gifts for a Grandparent can be tough sometimes, so this sentimental, customised gift is a great option if you want to get them something a little bit different this year! Check out this personalised wooden gift here!

Price: €12.50

8. Personalised Christmas Eve Box

Another wooden gift box that we adore is Personalised Christmas Eve Box. This gift can be customised with the recipients name on top, and filled with goodies to get you ready for Christmas morning! Although we created this gift box for children on Christmas Eve, it really is a gift for all ages, and many adults have picked one up for themselves or their partner as well! Check out this personalised wooden gift box here!

Price: €35

9. Cherry Wood Newly Wed Chopping Board

The perfect gift idea for a new couple, new home, or newly weds, the Cherry Wood Newly Wed Chopping Board is one of our most popular cutting boards for a reason. The large cherry board as shown here is made from danish cherry wood, and this board can be personalised with the recipients name, as personalised message, as well as an ‘established’ date too! Check out this engraved wooden chopping board here!

Price: €45

10. Monogram Luggage Tag Set

If you want to add a personal touch to a wedding gift, then the Monogram Luggage Tag Set is the perfect choice. This wooden engraved gift, made from cherry wood, can be customised with the initials of the recipients on the front, and then a personalised message on the back too! Check out this personalised wooden luggage tag set here!

Price: €29.95

11. House/Apt Number coaster Set

One of our favourite housewarming gifts has to be the House/Apt Number coaster Set. This customised set of coasters can be engraved with the number of the new home on the front, and come presented in a gift box as shown. Check out this customised set of coasters here!

Price: €29.95

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