Top 15 Christening Gift Ideas Ireland

Whether you’re a Godparent, Grandparent, family or close friend, getting a good Christening gift can be a tricky process. Should I go for a traditional gift? How much should I be spending? How long will it last? These are some of the questions when searching for the ideal present to celebrate the big day. Here are our top 15 best Christening gifts for the upcoming Christening, Baptism or Naming day.

1. Minature Alphabet Block Frames

The ABC Block Frame is by far one of the most popular Christening gifts. Choose Classic or Irish lettering, hand pressed onto Rainbow, Pastel or Vintage coloured ABC blocks.

Any name up to 11 letters can be made up in our white box frames. Add a silver engraved plate with the Christening or Birth date. and this keepsake will be cherished for years to come. Check out our most popular Christening gift here!

2. Personalised Star Maps

How about a map of the stars from the exact location, during the exact time, on the day that the Christening is taking place? With a choice of Blue, Pink, Navy or Black, these stunning prints are available in A3 framed or unframed. Check out this personalised Christening gift here.

3. Baby Pencil Style Portrait Gift

At number 3 on our list we have our contender for the best personalised Christening gift from a Godparent. Of course this beautiful pencil style portrait isn’t limited to just the godparents, and what picture you choose to use for it is also pretty limitless too! Whether it’s just the child on their own, a picture of the mother with her newborn, or even your first time meeting the new baby, this will make for a gorgeous present that will remind everybody of just how cute they were in their first few months. Hint: The picture that you use doesn’t need to be perfect, sometimes they actually turn out better if they aren’t!

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4. Baby & Christening Duckling Toy Gift


The Baby & Christening Duckling Toy Gift by Hop & Peck comes in both a powder blue and pink, with roller wheels and an attached string so that it can be pulled along. This present is one of the least expensive options on our list, but if you wanted to get something that your Godchild, Niece or Nephew is going to love then this is will tick all of the boxes. The entire product is also handmade in Solid oak sourced from sustainable forests and hand painted in child friendly water based paint.

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5. New Baby Vintage Polaroid Print

Remember how cool polaroid photos were? You can turn one of your most cherished pictures with the new born baby, or even just one of them during their first few moments, into a large polaroid style print! This makes for a brilliant Christening present, with a choice of either original, old style colour, and old style black & white, you can also add your own message under the picture in a handwritten font.

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6. Silver Christening Spoon

If you wanted to take a more traditional approach to your present shopping, then a Silver Spoon is the clear choice here. Based in Dublin, The Silver Shop have a vast range of silver gifts, but their Silver Christening Spoon was the one that caught our eye. Presented in a beautiful, blue velvet lined case, this piece is the pinnacle of traditional Christening presents.

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7. Buy A Star


Alternatively, you could just buy a star? Yes, that’s right, in case you didn’t know it, you actually can buy a real star! This one definitely falls into the category of unusual Christening gifts, and really is a present that the little one will have forever. Ranging from a €59 Starlet all the way up to a Supernova for €199, the range of star derivatives is quite large, and all options come with a certificate, a star map and a gift folder to keep it all safe.

Check out this unusual Christening gift here!

8. A Tree


Another one for the unusual Christening gifts section is to buy and plant a tree! This type of present is one that is growing in popularity, and the idea of the tree growing along with the child is also very sweet. The type of tree that you choose is of course down to your own personal preference, but we would suggest something like an apple tree as it will be easy to maintain and can also make for some entertainment when the fruits ripen! It might be worthwhile to remember that the parents will need to care for the tree as it grows, so something like an Oak tree may not be the best option here…

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9. Prize Bonds

Although it may not be classed as a traditional or an unusual Christening gift, a savings or prize bond is still one of the most practical gifts that you can get. A young baby may not be able to appreciate this present straight away, but as they get older there’s very big chance that this could turn out to be their favourite! Another big plus for this present, is that you don’t have to worry about somebody else getting them the same thing, because the more the merrier in this case.

Price: This one is up to you!

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10. Personalised Keepsake Box


With all these presents and special little memories being collected over the years, the problem can sometimes be keeping it all together. A Personalised Wooden Keepsake Box is the perfect gift to make sure that all these sentimental items are collected and stored together, in a little box of memories that will be cherished forever, with a personalised message engraved right onto the lid!

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11. Personalised Cufflinks


For our next 2 presents we have chosen what we consider to be the most practical silver Christening gifts, starting off with these beautiful Personalised Sterling Silver Cufflinks. This gift comes presented in an special box engraved with a message of your choice, and as for the cufflinks themself, the child’s name or initials would be the best option here.

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12. Sterling Silver Christening Bracelet

Christening Gift Bracelet

Option number 2 of our most practical silver Christening gifts comes in the shape of a Sterling Silver Christening bracelet. This gorgeous bracelet from Fields jewellers is composed a sterling silver chain, with two interlocking circle emblems, one of which is covered in cubic zirconia stones to add more sparkle and shine! This gift is similar in price to our last one, and is a great option for somebody looking for a traditional present with a bit of a twist.

Check out this silver Christening gift here!

13. Hand & Foot Plaster Mould


This next one may get a little bit messy, but bear with us.. number 13 on our list is yet another addition to the unusual Christening presents that we previously mentioned, but it’s a brilliant little present that you can get for either the child on their own or even the whole family! Of course the price varies depending on which option you choose, with a single pair starting at €175 and a family set of 4 ranging up €335.

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14. Roald Dahl Book Collection


The experience of reading your first Roald Dahl book beats watching the movie by a mile. With the quirky illustrations to help tell the story, Roald Dahl’s stories are the first that many children will ever read. Whether it be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, or the BFG, we all have our own favourites, and there’s a big chance that most of us still have those books we love today! This is one of our favourite Christening gift ideas, simply because of the happiness and joy that these stories can bring to the reader. There are many different collections available, but this Roald Dahl centenary box set was the one that caught our eye!

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15. Benny Boos Booties


The final addition to our list are these hand knitted woolen booties by Benny Boos! Made in a luxury yarn, they are perfect as an adorable , unique and practical gift for a new arrival. These cute little booties come in 10 different colours, and are ideal for somebody looking for a luxurious but also an inexpensive Christening gift!

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