The History Of Make It With Words

We’re taking a long hard look at ourselves this week, and focusing on the history of our little company and how it all started. We will take a look at our product range and how we have moved from making only one product into our extensive range that we now offer, and also the changes that have happened over the last 12 years. If you wanted to find out a little bit more about Make It With Words, then follow along below to see how we got to where we are today.


Where It All Began

Before we were Make It With Words, we were something else entirely.  The business was founded by husband and wife team Joe Jennings and Amelia Mantero –  Joe’s background in Graphic Design and Amelia’s experience in retail was the ideal combination when they were trying to find truly unique Personalised gifts for Christenings and baby gifts for friends. After getting inspiration from vintage toys and more contemporary art they came up with the ABC frame – hand pressed minature ABC blocks spelling out the child’s name with a personal engraved message. They saw that their friends and loved the ABC Frames, and thought that others may love the ABC Frames too, and thus, was born!


What Is

Some of you may already know this, but for the ones that don’t, is what we used to be called back in 2007! Our original product is the ABC Frame, and it was the first and only product that we sold in the early days of In fact when we started making them, we only made them in with the Classic lettering in the Rainbow colours, and all of our engraving plates were a rectangular shaped piece of brass! But after about 2 years, we felt that it was time for a change, as we wanted to expand our product range to offer something new to our customers, and with a bigger product range, came a new name.


The Baby & Christening Gift Store Was Born

Two little helpers at Bloom

For many of our older customers, this name may seem more familiar to you, because in 2009 we made the change to The Baby & Christening Gift Store. We shifted our focus away from purely making the ABC Frames, and added some products that we thought you would all love to our range. It started with Trousselier, a company based in France who made a gorgeous range of children’s teddy bears, toys and music boxes. The ABC Frames got a makeover as well, as we added the Irish typeface, Pastel and Vintage colour ranges, as well as offering our larger square frames which can fit up to 5 separate lines. Hop & Peck came to the party as well, and we added some of their beautiful range to our own, including their Duckling Toy Gift and their Baby & Christening Oak Tractor. For 8 more years we would continue as The Baby & Christening Gift Store, but in early 2017 we decided that it was time for a change, and this time it was a big one.


Where We Are Today

Christening gifts, personalised baby gifts

The Baby & Christening Gift Store became Make It With Words, but the change was much bigger than just the name. We had originally focused on gifts for new babies and gifts for christenings, but we had ideas for products that didn’t suit either of those categories. We needed to expand, and in order to do that we needed to change into something that would better suit us. We still wanted to continue making our baby & christening products, and even expand the range of gifts we had for those categories too, but felt that we had more to offer, and Make It With Words was a better reflection of us in our new journey as a personalised gift store.

Our first new additions were our Pencil Style Portrait and Vintage Polaroid Prints, followed closely by our Personalised Chopping Boards, Coasters, and Personalised Luggage Tags. We added our range of Personalised Star Maps last year, and our newest addition comes in the form of our Personalised Jewellery (Find out all the details on how our Personalised Jewellery range works right here!). We now offer a vast range of gifts for many different occasions such as Christenings, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversarys and Birthdays for Him & Her to name a few.


For the rest of 2019, we have loads of new new products that were excited to be launching, so make sure to keep an on our socials for some teasers, announcements, and even some great new competitions that we have coming up soon!

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