The best Christmas gift ideas for Him 2018

Ok, so now that Halloween is over, we can start to focus on the real highlight of the Autumn/Winter period, Christmas! Year after year we make the promise to start our shopping early, but we generally don’t, and end up stressing over the amount of shopping we still have to do come Christmas week.. But not this year! This year, you’re going to be more organised (with our help of course) and even if you don’t want to start buying any presents yet, you can at least start thinking about what your going to get, and where your going to get them. Everybody can be hard to buy for at times, but it can be especially hard to decide what to get a man who has everything! To give you a little hand in the process, we are going to kick off our weekly “Christmas gift idea” blog with ideas for Him.



1. Personalised Chopping board

To kick off this list, we have to start with something personalised of course! A personalised wooden chopping board is the ideal gift for any man who likes to be the chef at home, or even for a young adult who is starting to show some interest in the culinary world. Add your own message, choose from 3 different types of wood, and pick your favourite from a various range of styles. This thoughful gift takes the number one spot as our best Christmas gift for him!

Price: €34.95

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2. Personalised Leather Quick-Draw Wallet

A great alternative to the clunky and uncomfortable wallet that you would usually find stuffed into a man’s pocket, this neat wallet designed and made in Ireland by “Carve On” leather makes for a great addition under the Christmas tree. To add a personal touch, you can also engrave a phrase or message right onto the leather itself, which also comes in 4 different colours!

Price: €33

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3. Personalised Mixtapes Print

Mixtapes Poster print gift for Dad

If your looking for an unusual Christmas gift for him, then this is one of the most unique ones that you can get. It may take a little bit more thought but in the end it’s definitely worth it. Idea number 3 on our list is one for all ages really, and the perfect gift for a man who is into his music. With 12 unique mixtapes available for personalisation, you can add in their favourite band, song, singer, DJ, the choice is really down to you (And of course the taste of music that the man has, that’s also kind of a big factor..). You can also finish off the print with your own little personalised message on the bottom!

Price: €34.95

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4. Red Dead Redemption 2

Unless you play video games yourself, you may not know what this one is, but if he plays video games then your going to have to trust us, he will love this! You can get it on both PlayStation and Xbox (The link for the Xbox version is below) and to cut a long story short, it’s basically a video game version of an old western movie, with tons of hours of game play to keep him occupied.

Price: €69.99

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5. Personalised Coaster 

A nice little stocking filler at number 5, coming in the shape of a laser cut and engraved coaster which reads “World’s Best Dad”. We really love this design, which is probably our vote for the best personalised Christmas gift for him, and even if the man in question is not a father, you can check out some of the other personalised coasters for him and choose a style which fits better!

Price: €12.50

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6. Wooden Phone and accessories holder

The unorganised mans best friend, a neat accessories holder to keep his wallet, keys, phone and any other important bits all in one place (So that he doesn’t have to keep asking you where he left them..). Both stylish and convenient, this walnut accessories organiser will be a useful little addition to either the bed side table or work desk in the New Year!

Price: €36

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7. Personalised Luggage Tag

A stylish idea for the frequent flyer, at number 7 on the list are these laser cut and engraved wooden luggage tags! Personalised with your own message on the front and back, this is a present that’s applicable to.. well, anybody with a suitcase really? The airmail style design was the one that caught our eye, but if you feel that this one wasn’t for you, then take a look at some other designs of personalised luggage tags here. 

Price: €14.99

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8. Handmade Irish Soaps 

The Handmade Soap Company, who are based in Meath, make a gorgeous range of men’s products that are all based around “A manly mix of basil, lime and sweet orange”. The types of men’s products that they make contain everything from hand and shaving soaps, all the way up to beard oils and aftershave soothing creams!

Price: €6.95 – €19.95

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9. Pencil Style Portrait Print

Gift for Dad Portrait with children

If you wanted to get something thoughtful and beautifully presented, then a Pencil Style Portrait print is the clear winner here. Another big plus about this Christmas present is that it can be given to anybody really, so whether your buying for your father, husband  or brother, it doesn’t matter. All you need to do is get a picture of the two of you, or of him and the kids as shown above, and then pick whatever colour you think suits best! (The picture doesn’t need to be perfect either, any old picture from a smartphone will turn out amazing)

Price: €34.99

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10. A box-set or series

This can be a great addition to your Christmas shopping, but you need to be smart when your shopping for DVDs or box-sets. Our advice would be always to go for a box-set, it may be more expensive but your getting the value for money, and it can also provide hours of bonding time between you or even the family as a whole! Another piece of advice when shopping for box-sets is to go for series or a collection of movies that may be a little bit harder to find. So take your time to find something that isn’t shown on TV or that you can’t easily get on NetFlix.

Price: €70

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11. Personalised Map of The Stars

When it comes to personalised gifts, we want to highlight this one as being the number one winner! A beautiful map of the night sky, illustrating the exact position of the stars at any given time, from any given place. This is the perfect gift for all occasions really, and just the same as number 9 on our list, it can be bought for any man, regardless of your own relation to them. Buying for a Father? How about the time, date and location that he first became a Dad? Buying for a boyfriend? The time, date and location that you first met would be perfect here. You get the idea..

Price: €39.95

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