How To Avoid Buying A Gift On Valentine’s Day

Not everybody is a fan of Valentine’s day, and for some people, thinking of some Valentine’s Day gift ideas can be a nightmare. Most people don’t even give gifts on Valentine’s Day anymore, but then the problem is thinking of what to do to make it a special day. To give you a hand, we have comprised a list of suggestions for the best non-gift, gifts that you can give on Valentine’s Day. Even though this list is meant to be for non-gift Valentine’s Day gifts, we know that people do enjoy giving gifts on Valentine’s Day as well, so we thought that we could give you a little hand with that too. If you are the kind of couple that give gifts on Valentine’s Day, then check out our Valentine’s Day gift section if you wanted some cool ideas. For now though, have a read below of our top 11 suggestions on how to avoid buying gift on Valentine’s Day!


1. Start Their Day The Right Way

Breakfast on a tray

Theres no better way to wake up than breakfast in bed and it really is the little things that count on a day like Valentine’s Day. This isn’t much of a secret, but popping downstairs to make breakfast before your partner wakes up, or even just bringing up a cup of tea and some toast while they get ready for work is so easy, and is by far one of the best presents you can give them on Valentine’s Day.


2. Take The Pressure Off

A person mopping a kitchen floor

We all have our chores around the house that we hate doing, and it’s more than likely that you know what ones your partner hates the most. Whether it’s getting up that little bit early to clean the house, making the dinner that night, or even just taking out the bins, doing your other half’s chores can make for a nice and relaxing present that will cost you nothing!


3. Make Something As A Family

A woman and child preparing to bake something in a kitchen

We know that not everybody has kids, and even if you don’t then this is still something you can do, but getting the whole family involved can make for a really thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. Whether its baking a cake or just making your partner a Valentine’s Day card, getting some help from the kids can make the present extra special, as well as giving you a bit of a hand in the process as well!


4. Run Them A Bath For When They Get Home

A bubble bath with lit candles beside it

A simple and easy way to make your partners Valentine’s Day, whether it’s your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, everyone loves a nice relaxing bath (even if some people don’t like to admit it).


5. Get Them Their Favourite Chocolates or Sweets

A box full of chocolate bars

Rather than going for the cliché box of chocolates presented in a heart shaped box, put some thought and practicality into your decision. A better option would be to pick up a collection of the different sweets and chocolates that your partner loves, and put them all together into a small gift box with a little ribbon. This DIY option is going to be cheaper, more thoughtful, and will probably be more enjoyable too!


6. Go That Extra Mile With Dinner Tonight

A table with 2 plates of food, and 2 glasses of wine on it

If your planning on eating in on Valentine’s Day then theres still plenty of ways to romanticise the evening with only a small bit of thought and effort needed. We’re not saying you should douse the room in rose petals, but a nice candlelight dinner is a good start, with a bottle of wine and a nice desert as well to top it all off. Keep an eye out for Valentine’s Day meal deals the next time you do your food shopping, some stores like Marks & Spencers tend to do some pretty good deals on 3 course dinners or even a meal and a bottle of wine included.


7. Have A Chill Night And Watch Their Favourite Movie

A bowl of popcorn in between 2 peoples's legs, who are lying back watching TV

Going out to see a movie is a nice date idea for Valentine’s Day, but if you would rather stay at home for the evening, then put in some extra work and have a cosy Valentine’s movie night! We all watch our movies in different ways, but whether its renting one online or going to the shop to pick up a DVD, try and choose one of your partners favourite movies to watch together (even if its that one that you really really hate, yes that one, its only for one night so choose that one). Some extra bonus points on this suggestion could be getting a fresh pair of pyjamas for your partner and some home-made cinema food like popcorn or nachos to go with the movie.


8. A Spotify Playlist

The Spotify app, open on a laptop

The days of making mix tapes is long gone, and even if you did make a mix tape, theres not that many ways that you can play it after, but in today’s digital world, apps like Spotify make things a lot easier. Making a playlist of their favourite songs or even songs that you both love, and then sending it to your partner could really be a nice gift on Valentine’s Day. It’s also something they can use throughout the day, and for a long time after too!


9. Send A Love Letter/Card By Post


A green Irish post box

This suggestion will need to be done a couple of days in advance, and you’ll have to get your timing right on it, but in the end will definitely be worth it. Instead of just buying a card to give to them on the day, add a bit of excitement and surprise to your partner’s Valentine’s day by sending one out in the mail and then have it delivered to them on Valentine’s morning (well, hopefully it gets delivered that morning, otherwise it may be a bit awkward..)


10. Netflix Punch Card

Netflix Punch Card

Picking a movie or series on Netflix can be a bit of a nightmare, especially when one of you wants to watch an action movie with Bruce Willis, and the other wants to watch the Notebook. In order to bring some fairness into your Netflix movie selection, you can gift your partner a Netflix Punch Card, which entitles them to 10 selections whenever they wish (even if they get to choose the movie every time anyways). You can download your Netflix Punch Card here for free!


11. Your Time

An iPhone screen displaying a power off message

Valentines Day is really just about showing your appreciation for your other half, so spending time with them doing the things that they love is what you need to be focused on. That means putting the phones away, turning off the laptops, and just spending the night together, because in reality, the best gift you could ever give, is your undivided attention on Valentine’s Day.



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