March 31st Birthday Print


DELIVERY DATE: Wednesday 04 October 2023 - Friday 06 October 2023

Understand your potential and challenges, and learn how your Astrology sign and Numerology number influence you and others. Each A3 print features an illustrated map of the stars as seen on each birthday and details the secrets and hidden forces that affect people born on this day.

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… Those born on March 31st will follow their head rather than their heart. They are straight talking and are at the same time suspicious of smooth talking types making too many promises. They do not enjoy smothering displays of affection and are not the cuddling type. They are caring but expect others to understand them without too much explanation. Those born on this day are ruled by the number 7 (31+3=34, 3+4=7). A Number 7 doesn’t tend to take anything at face value and looks for a deeper meaning in everything. Those born under this number are highly interested in spiritual awareness and philosophy. They easily adapt to change and are ready to handle any upheavals in life …