Solid Marble Wireless Phone Dock


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A beautiful wireless charger made from real marble from Walter Wallet.

With a wireless Charger Dock you no longer need to plug in your cable to charge your phone! Just place your phone in the charging pocket on the Dock and it automatically begins to charge. It’s magic!

All Walter Docks are Qi standard wireless phone chargers for the following types:
Samsung Galaxy S7 (Plus), S8 (Plus), S9 (Plus), S10e, S10 (Plus). Apple iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone X and newer. Not for iPhone 12
… and more (check the specs of your phone to see if your phone supports wireless charging)

Qi Standard
Qi is the standard technology used for charging your phone, it is used by all major brands, like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and many others. Wireless charging works because the Charger Dock emits a small electromagnetic field, when the phone is placed in the magnetic field of the Charger Dock, a similar coil that is built in your phone absorbs the energy from the charger and charges the battery.

These Marble Docks are made out of real marble. Marble is a rock which is mostly made from limestone (composed from ancient skeletal fragments of marine organisms). The beautiful lines in the marble have been formed by ages of pressure and heat. This makes that every Marble Dock is different and unique.