June 22nd Birthday Print


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Understand your potential and challenges, and learn how your Astrology sign and Numerology number influence you and others. Each A3 print features an illustrated map of the stars as seen on each birthday and details the secrets and hidden forces that affect people born on this day.

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… Every day is a bright new beginning where anything can happen for June 22 people. They are romantic, imaginative and sensitive and they infuse every experience with great enthusiasm and excitement. June 22 individuals can also be practical and will often be very successful in their careers, but personal happiness is more important to them than professional accomplishment. Those born on this day are ruled by the number 1 (22+6=28, 2+8=10, 1+0=1). A Number 1 tends to be stubborn and headstrong, and does not easily adapt to change. They can be demanding, but all they really want is to feel a sense of respect, they are loving and protective of those around them …