January 9th Birthday Print


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Understand your potential and challenges, and learn how your Astrology sign and Numerology number influence you and others. Each A3 print features an illustrated map of the stars as seen on each birthday and details the secrets and hidden forces that affect people born on this day.

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… Those born on January 9 are highly ambitious, they want nothing but the best for themselves and their family, and will do whatever it takes to achieve it. They want to reach the top, whether creating and managing an idyllic family, or climbing to the top of their profession and they have the willpower to succeed. Those born on this day are ruled by the number 1 (9+1=10, 1+0=1). A Number 1 tends to be stubborn and headstrong, and does not easily adapt to change. They can often take the bull by the horns and may sometimes be too impulsive. However they are confident and motivated, with plenty of energy to spare …