December 7th Birthday Print


DELIVERY DATE: Tuesday 12 December 2023 - Wednesday 13 December 2023.
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Understand your potential and challenges, and learn how your Astrology sign and Numerology number influence you and others. Each A3 print features an illustrated map of the stars as seen on each birthday and details the secrets and hidden forces that affect people born on this day.

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… December 7 characters are highly imaginative, independent and always go their own way. From an early age those born on this day believe there is a unique purpose for them in life and will experiment with many different pursuits before deciding on the one that suits them best. They are attracted to those who are unconventional in nature, and strongly admire those who are brave enough to be different from the rest. Those born on this day are ruled by the number 1 (7+12=19, 1+9=10, 1+0=1). A Number 1 tends to be stubborn and headstrong, and does not easily adapt to change. However they are confident and motivated, with plenty of energy to spare …