The Hop & Peck collection is made from beautiful quality Oak which is carefully sourced from sustainable forests, finished with danish oil and where painted is with child friendly water based paints. Purposely designed without the use of screws or nails so it’s eco friendly too.

Oak’s natural and traditional qualities blended with Hop & Peck individuality makes each product so lovely to give or receive. We recommend when you receive a Hop & Peck gift unwrap it carefully and enjoy! If it’s a gift for someone else then be careful, it may temp you to keep it for yourself… we won’t tell!

All Hop & Peck products are hand made from sustainable American Oak. Keeping the company green, and sustainable for the next generation is part of a core values in providing great products for children and homes worldwide. Oak represents over 40% of the hard wood population of eastern USA. Its versatility, strength and high class finish makes it the ideal choice for all things .

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